How to fix the broken carousel in the House of Representatives

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a bill to overhaul the way the Senate and House work.

The House on Tuesday passed a bill that included several of the Senate’s most contentious reforms.

The bill passed the House in a 242-205 vote, with two Republicans and one Democrat voting against the legislation.

The House passed the bill by voice vote after a procedural vote, but the measure could not be voted on by the full chamber before the end of the year.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said that the House’s passage would be a “game changer” that would make it easier for Congress to move legislation on Capitol Hill.

The bill would require a two-thirds majority to pass.

Democrats opposed the bill, citing the costs to taxpayers.

The Senate has a $2.6 trillion deficit and will need to raise $1.1 trillion to close it.

The Senate passed the legislation on Thursday, sending it to President Donald Trump for his signature.

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