‘I was shocked’: ‘It’s very important’ for Australian athlete to win gold

AUSTRALIAN athletes have been warned they could face a ban for trying to cross the finish line in the men’s high jump after a Queensland Supreme Court judge ruled it was “important” to win medals.

Key points:The judge found the men should be able to cross over to the gold medal line without being punished for attempting to do soThe judges decision comes just days after another judge ruled the men could be fined for trying a jump in the women’s high jumperThe men’s High Jump World Championships is due to start on August 25The ruling comes just hours after another Queensland Supreme court judge ruled women’s and men’s Olympic high jump medals were the same.

The judge said the jumpers were entitled to a “fair opportunity” to cross to the medal podium without being fined for attempting the jump.

He found the jump was a “very important and important” sport for Australians, who are competing at the Olympic Games for the first time in 20 years.

“The jumpers’ rights to be in the medal stand is an important and essential part of the sporting activity,” Justice Paul McCurdy said.

“It is also important to recognise that the jump is an extremely dangerous sport and requires a degree of physical exertion and concentration.”

Read more”The fact that the high jump medal is the same, regardless of whether it is a woman’s or a man’s, does not detract from the importance of the Olympic gold medal for the participants and the general public.”

The judges ruling came just days later after another Brisbane court found the women and men were the exact same sport, despite competing at different Olympic venues.

“This is a very important decision and one which should be upheld by the courts,” said Victoria’s Victoria Cross Cross Cross and Gold medalist Sarah Dyson.

“We will now be in a position to challenge it and to try and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Dyson, who was one of two medal-winners at the event last year, said it was disappointing the judge didn’t see it that way.

“I thought it was a bit of a bizarre decision and a bit bizarre to put it that high,” she said.

The judges report found it was important to win a medal.

“However, it is not possible to say that the event is identical to the Olympics in terms of the jump, or the timing and the manner in which the jump should be attempted,” the report read.

“For example, the jumper could, if required, attempt a jump to a platform that is not normally accessible to athletes.”

But this could only occur after the athlete has completed the medal ceremony.”Read More

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