The rose quotes: An Israeli woman’s fight to be seen as an Israeli citizen

The Israeli woman who was recently barred from entering Israel for having a picture of herself holding an Israeli flag on her phone has found herself in a difficult spot.

Her story is a story about how Israeli women, like many others, have been struggling with a common dilemma: whether to keep their flag on their phones or to remove it from their phones.

The problem for Rose, who was born and raised in the West Bank city of Hebron, is that the flag is part of her identity.

Rose, who is originally from the occupied West Bank, is a member of the Druze community, a minority that makes up roughly 25% of Israel’s population of 1.8 million.

Her husband is an Israeli-born Druze and her children are Israeli-Palestinian citizens.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Report, Rose said that when she was in Israel as a child, she did not notice any signs of Israeli occupation.

She says she was always taught that Israel was part of the Jewish people, and that Israel is a Jewish state, and there are no Palestinian minorities.

The flag that Rose is holding is a flag that was part and parcel of the Nakba, the historical term for the Jewish exodus from their homeland.

Rose is not alone.

Some Israeli citizens are now faced with the dilemma.

The flag issue has divided the country.

Many citizens of the Arab majority country have also expressed frustration with their own flags, and many Arab citizens have been forced to take down their flags, which are a part of their identity.

The issue has also taken on an increasingly religious dimension.

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has a long-standing tradition of using the flag in their ceremonies, with some of its members even taking up the tradition.

The religious aspect of the flag issue is also complicated by the Israeli flag being a symbol of the nation-state of Israel.

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that Israel’s flag should remain a national emblem and the flag should never be removed from a person’s person.

This has resulted in some Israelis expressing support for the flag, and in other cases, expressing a desire to remove the flag from their own homes.

However, the current political situation is a different story.

On Tuesday, the government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced that the government would amend a law to allow Israeli citizens to take the flag off their homes in order to be able to remove its use from their homes.

In response to the law, many Arab and Muslim-Israeli citizens have expressed their support for removing the flag.

While some have criticized the move, others have praised it.

Rose said that the first step was to get the Israeli embassy to send her a letter explaining why the flag had to be taken down.

Rose also requested that the Israeli parliament vote on her request to remove her flag.

The decision to take it off her home was a difficult one for Rose.

She had a few friends who would not let her keep her flag on.

The fact that the police was already searching her house, Rose felt that she had to protect her friends.

In the end, Rose says that she decided to take her flag down for the sake of the national anthem.

The Israel flag is a symbol for the state of Israel, and it’s also a symbol that people from all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities can identify with.

I believe that the national flag is an integral part of Israel and it should not be taken off,” she said.

According to the Israeli Flag and Flag Policy, it is illegal for any Israeli citizen to take his or her flag off his or the flag of his or their country.

Rose’s decision to remove Israel’s national flag from her home has caused her many headaches.

Many of her friends have told her to not remove the Israeli national flag.

Others have taken the opportunity to publicly mock her decision.

In an interview, Rose described her friends’ reaction as, “This is just like a Jewish man in Jerusalem, taking his country’s flag off.”

In the midst of the debate about the Israeli flags being taken off, one man was also taking part in the discussion.

The man, a member on the board of the Zionist Organization of America, was quoted by the local media as saying, “Why should you take your flag off?

Why would you want to?

We don’t need your flag.

We need you.

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