‘This Is What Happened To My Mother’: Mother talks about her son’s death, death of her husband, her husband’s death

Posted November 17, 2018 04:25:18 A mother is speaking out about her two children, who were killed by an unidentified gunman during an altercation at their home in Florida.

“He just walked up and started shooting,” her son, Michael Rose, told WFLA-TV.

“The only thing I could think of to do was get out of there.”

Rose’s wife, Rosemary, said the gunman entered the home in the middle of the night.

She said they called 911 and were told to “put the guns down.”

The couple said the incident was a “shooting frenzy.”

“I think they thought we were dead,” Rosemary Rose told the station.

“I don’t know if he thought I was dead or not, but I think he was angry at us.”

A few days earlier, Rose and his wife had a dispute with a neighbor, who Rosemary said was “acting strange.”

“He’s the one who pulled my arm in and told me to put the guns on the ground and leave,” Rose told WLBT.

“So I did, and I was like, ‘Oh, I guess I’m not going to be able to do that anymore.'”

The next morning, Rose told his wife that he had found a gun.

Rosemary told WTMJ-TV that she didn’t know what to do, because she wasn’t sure she could handle what was happening.

“We just knew that something was going to happen to us,” she said.

“And I don’t think we ever thought we would have to worry about it.

I don’ think we expected it to happen like this.”

Rosemary and his mother, Rose Lalonde, have since gone to a counseling center.

They were told that it was a mental health crisis.

The couple have asked for privacy and declined to speak with the press.

A Florida police spokeswoman told The Associated Press that officers responded to a 911 call at 8:50 p.m. on Nov. 15 at Rosemary’s home.

The caller said the suspect was standing on the front porch with his gun drawn, yelling and screaming at the homeowner and his children.

The dispatcher asked if anyone needed help.

The man said he had a gun in the garage, but Rosemary insisted he had an unloaded .45-caliber pistol in the home.

Rose told ABC affiliate WPBF-TV in Tampa, Florida, that he and his family left their house, took off running through the neighborhood.

Rose and Rosemary called 911 at 8 p.met.

Rose said the police arrived on the scene about 45 minutes later and arrested the suspect.

They have not been charged in the case.

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