Which are the most important people on the planet?

Demi Rose and Julianna Rose have created a new book, Demi and Julianne Rose, about their experiences with autism.

The duo, who live in Portland, Oregon, have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Their book features interviews with experts on the disorder, as well as stories about the challenges of living with it.

Demi Rose, 37, and Juliananne Rose, 35, were diagnosed with autism in 2014.

They describe their condition as being “like being in a box”.

“You can’t see the box you are inside, you can’t talk to the other person.

You can’t look at them or touch them or look at pictures of them,” Rose told New Scientist.

I think we were the only two people in the world who had autism and who had it very late in life.””

But we are able to be so very happy and so very connected with other people, which is what we do really well.”

I think we were the only two people in the world who had autism and who had it very late in life.

“Rose and Juliannne Rose both met in their late teens, when they both got married and had children.

They had a daughter, and Rose became increasingly withdrawn.”

They both were diagnosed at different points in their lives. “

We are not always happy, we do not always be happy.”

They both were diagnosed at different points in their lives.

Rose started having difficulties with her speech in the early 1990s, but it got better when she started getting her GP’s advice.

“In my early twenties I started noticing that I was a little more aggressive and aggressive with people,” Rose recalled.

“I was trying to be more social.

I was getting more attention from people.”

Rose also started wearing a bracelet around her wrist.

“At the time I thought, oh, I am wearing something to protect my hand, I don’t have to be aggressive,” she said.

“When you are having a lot of anxiety, anxiety is a way of managing it.

You are able be less angry and more relaxed.”

Rose said that she realised that she was having a hard time dealing with anxiety after her GP suggested that she start a support group.

“My GP told me that I had a mental disorder and that I should get a specialist because I could never be normal,” she recalled.

“So I started a supportgroup and I found it was really helpful.”

Rose says she was able to do so much more than just deal with her anxiety.

“It made me feel really normal, and I was so grateful for that,” she told New Science.

“As I got older, I started getting a bit more confident, I was able do more, I got a bit of money.”

Rose has since become a social worker, and her relationship with her family has improved.

“There is no question that being autistic has been beneficial,” she added.

Rose’s book has also become an internet hit, with many people asking her about it online.

Rose said she felt inspired by other autistic people who had been able to find success, and that she hopes other people will be inspired by her story.

“You should feel free to share what you have with your friends,” she explained.

“It really is amazing to see people who are like me.”

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