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When Heather Rose came into the house, her husband was not impressed.

“I said to her, ‘You look like a slut, Heather.’

I don’t like when you look like that.

But then I said to him, ‘What are you talking about?

You are a beautiful woman.’

She was a beautiful girl, she had no shame, she was a lovely lady.”

Rose and her husband, Ed, came to know each other through their work as professional photographers.

He had come to Italy to study photography, but was already in the service when Rose was hired as an assistant.

“We did a lot of work together,” she said.

“We did many shoots in Italy.

We had many different projects together.

He would come over and ask for my pictures and we would take them.

We were always talking, and we were always laughing.

I think I had a lot to do with my wife’s success.

I had always thought I was not good enough for him.”

Ed said his wife was an exceptional model, and that Rose was a great one for him.

“She was so beautiful, so smart, so beautiful.

She was an amazing photographer.

She had her own style, but we all had our own.”

Rose was very interested in her husband’s profession and was always in demand.

She often photographed for clients that included the Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi.

“My husband wanted to be a photographer, too,” said Ed.

“But I knew I wanted to become a model too, because I had many friends there.

I knew she wanted to have her own career.””

I wanted to make a living.

I wanted a career in the business, and I was going to be one of the people.

She wanted to take the photographs, and she wanted me to do the work, and it was going in the same direction.”

Rose’s career took off.

In 2010, she became the first woman to photograph a professional footballer.

Rose was part of a group of photographers that took the photo for the Pope in the Papal Palace, and was awarded the first prize for the profession.

Rose was asked to photograph Pope Benedict XVI, who was then serving as the Archbishop of Rome.

She said the papal visit made her realise how important her profession was to her.

“It’s an important moment,” she recalled.

“There was so much excitement and it gave me the chance to work with the Pope.

I felt like I had to show him what I had been doing.”

Rose became a professional photographer and worked with various clients in the years following the Pope’s visit.

In the late 1990s, Rose’s career started to decline.

She took a break from her photography and became a consultant for the construction industry.

She also became an instructor for the Italian film industry.

In 2003, Rose returned to her work with her husband.

“That’s when my husband decided he would take me to the States,” she laughed.

“He said, ‘I’m going to move to California, and there is nothing for me in Italy.’

I was so happy.”

Rose had always loved her country and the beautiful countryside, and wanted to travel to Italy.

“My husband is a good person,” she explained.

“And he had an idea.

He wanted to get a job in the USA.

It was a little bit weird for me because it was such a new place, but my husband was so excited. “

We flew to California.

It was a little bit weird for me because it was such a new place, but my husband was so excited.

We flew to Los Angeles, which is a big city.

I don�t know if it was a big enough city for him, but he was very excited.”

In California, Rose met photographer Jeff Krasinski, who had worked with her before.

“Jeff was the one who gave me my first job,” Rose recalled.

“I was so nervous, but I loved it, and Jeff was very professional.

He did everything that he could to make me feel comfortable.”

Rose told Krasinksi she wanted a professional relationship with him, and the two became engaged in 2004.

“They were in love, they were very happy,” she continued.

“Now we live together, and our daughter is a year old.”

In 2005, Krasinskis wife, Jennifer, died from breast cancer.

He also had cancer.

“Jennifer was very sad,” Rose said.

Krasinskas daughter, Lina, said she and Rose were both very sad to hear about her father’s death.

“She’s been in the family for 25 years, and everything that’s happened has been very, very difficult,” she told the Guardian.

“The funeral is very sad, but everything that is happening is beautiful.”

Rose has not spoken to Krasinsky since her death, and Krasinki says she is “a little upset” about her relationship with Rose.

“If I could talk to her right now, I

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