Rainbow Roses are back in the spotlight after two years of silence

Rainbow Roses is back in fashion.

The band has been making headlines again, this time for its performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in May, where they played a live performance of “Sweet Caroline” that was not only nominated for a Grammy, but also earned a spot on Billboard’s Top 100 Rock Songs chart.

As a result, Billboard has declared the band one of the top rock acts in the country, with a spot in the Billboard 200, Billboard Music Awards’ top chart.

But the rainbow-scented performance didn’t stop there.

The rainbow-colored band also performed live in the UK at the Brit Awards in February.

And just last month, the group played the first of two shows in New York City with the New York Philharmonic, where the rainbow band also scored a spot among the Top 10 in the American Music Awards voting.

Now, Rainbow Roses, the band that has made such headlines for its music, is back onstage.

It’s a bold move, considering the group has been silent for more than a year.

“We never said we were going to do that show, but it was kind of a no-brainer,” the group’s lead singer, Jake Owen, told Billboard.

“When you do something, people get excited.

You get a big reaction.”

Rainbow Roses’ “Sweet” is the first song on their new album, Rainbow Rainbow, and it’s a fun song.

But, as Owen said, “We always say ‘we’ when we’re talking about Rainbow Roses.”

The band’s new album was released in April, and the band is set to perform a handful of songs on the tour.

And while Rainbow Roses performed in New Jersey, the first two shows were in Chicago and Los Angeles.

“The only thing we can do is keep doing what we do,” Owen said.

“Our fans really like us.

Our fans love us.

They love us for who we are.”

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