What it looks like to be a rose colored glass (or bumble bee)

Posted September 12, 2018 08:59:22This video shows the moment a rose glass came to life as a bat, then fell to the ground.

The bats, who were watching the show, started calling it “bumblebee” for a short while before they stopped calling it.

This video was uploaded by a fan, but it’s not clear how it got posted on YouTube.

The bat then went into a frenzy.

A lot of bats started running at the bats, so the bats thought they were chasing a bat.

A bunch of bats then jumped into the air and flew around the room.

The bat landed on the glass and started looking at it.

The bats flew around, and a lot of them landed on top of the glass.

The glass went flying back into the ceiling.

The ceiling went up and hit a bunch of the bats.

The floor and a couple of tables then started moving.

The room fell on top and broke.

The show then moved on, but the show had a few things to do:The bats were trying to find something.

The ceiling was getting really high.

The show was about a bat called “Rose Glass.”

The bat flew back to the show and found the show’s producer, who then threw the glass onto the stage.

The producers were amazed.

They had the show on the air for an entire week, and they still got to watch it before the next day.

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