When Rosas’ pizza arrived, it was not a pizza but a sign that ‘everything is good’


— The first delivery to Rosas Pizza came on Jan. 13, the day the team arrived at the Rose Bowl.

But it wasn’t a pizza.

Rosas’ Pizza delivered its first pizza in a box, a sign of the progress the team has made over the past two weeks.

As the team prepared to take on the Miami Dolphins in Week 4, the team set out to get a pizza delivered to the Rosebowl.

The delivery man, the first to arrive at the stadium, delivered to Rosa’s, which is located on the north side of the Rosebower Bridge.

The delivery man delivered to a house in the Rose Garden that is just off the highway.

He also delivered to two homes, where the team planned to set up a tent.

When the team returned to the stadium on Monday, Rosas was ready to serve his first delivery.

“I’ve never been here before, so it’s just a whole new experience,” linebacker Aaron Wallace said.

“Just the fans.

It’s all new.

It was really nice to be a part of it.”

The Rose Bowl was full of excitement for the team, and the delivery man was there to make the most of it.

Rosas Pizza is a franchise, which means the company has its own delivery truck.

But the delivery driver had to be on the road for hours, because he couldn’t drive a delivery truck around during the NFL season.

He has a license to deliver food to all teams.

It took a week for the delivery truck to arrive in Rose Bowl, which was a little different than normal, Rosans owner Chris Rosas said.

It wasn’t until Monday morning, when the team began preparing for a game, that he realized the truck was ready.

The delivery truck came, and it was packed with pizza.

But what he didn’t realize was how quickly the team was getting ready to play.

They had two pizza boxes.

The first was a pizza box that they would bring out to the team’s hotel.

And then the second was a box with the team logo on it.

The two boxes were delivered to each team’s stadium, and then the team and their players took a drive to the airport to take the delivery to the hotel.

“That’s how it’s been,” Wallace said, laughing.

After a few days of preparing, the pizza boxes arrived at each team stadium.

The team was ready for their first game of the season, against the Miami Heat.

It was their first meeting against the Dolphins, a game that has become an unofficial national holiday.

The game was postponed due to the cold weather, and Rosas is happy that the team is able to get the first delivery in the game.

“It’s been a little cold, but we were prepared for it,” Wallace added.

“We’re ready to go.”

A team that’s been playing at a lower level for a long time, with no major celebrity players and only one player named “Rosas” on the roster, Rosos Pizza is now getting recognition from the NFL.

“The fans are here for the football team,” Rosas owner Chris Rose said.

“We’ve been doing this for a couple of years, and this is the first time I can really say we’ve reached the NFL level.”

Rosas owner, Chris Rose, has been doing a lot of research to find a pizza delivery company that will do it right.

The team’s first game was a big part of that, but Rose said he has had more than 30 people call and say they want a slice.

“People were really excited,” Rosals owner Chris said.

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