A beautiful rose levined from the ashes of her family’s business

A beautiful, lilac rose is levined onto a pedestal in a rose garden in Belaire.

Key points:Rose levines were first brought to Australia in 1796 and were popularised in Australia by the Australian War of Independence (1899-1901)Rose levins were first made available to Australian soldiers in 1902The rose is made with the bones of the victim and the remains of the dead in the rose garden A Victorian rose garden has been transformed into a rose levining ceremony for a community of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A community of indigenous and Torresstrait Islander Australians who were forcibly removed from their lands in the early 1900s have reclaimed the original roses in the garden.

Rose levings have become a traditional ceremony for the community in the past decade and the Rose Garden Association of Victoria (RGV) said the community was looking forward to its return to its traditional setting.

Rose flowers are traditionally seen as a symbol of love and loyalty by Aboriginal and other Torres Strait Islanders, with many traditionalists believing they are the only flowers that can symbolise love and devotion.RGV president Lachlan Wylie said the rose leviation was a “fantastic way” to honour the lost family members of the Roseland, one of the few places left in Victoria to still exist.

“They (the rose garden) is the place where the family came from,” he said.

Rose gardens have been in use for thousands of years in the Torres Strait Islands, but the community of Roseland is the only remaining surviving remnant of the original Roseland.

Mr Wylies said Roseland was once a thriving commercial community in Victoria.

“We have been here for almost 150 years,” he explained.

“In the 1800s, they (the Roseland) had a large sugar industry here.

The Rose Garden is a place where people came from all over the Torres Straits Islands and around Victoria.”

The rose garden is a traditional and historic area of the Torresstraits Islands, with the remains and bones of all the family members buried there.

RGV is the governing body of the community and works with local businesses and agencies to provide services to the community.

In the Rose Land Gardens, rose flowers are a symbol for love and community, and the association’s members have always been able to come together to make the rose flowers and the rose gardens beautiful.

“They are symbolic and beautiful things, and it is a really special time of the year for them,” Mr Wylis said.

The RGV organiser said the association was also looking forward in 2018 to bringing the rose plants back to Roseland and celebrating the return of the flowers and rose gardens to the Rose land.

“Roseland is a community and we have to come to terms with that,” he added.

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