Amber Rose’s sister’s video of Kristina Rose’s death goes viral

Amber rose rose Rose’s sisters have been sharing heartbreaking videos of their mother’s death on social media.

The videos have been shared nearly 300,000 times on YouTube, according to an analysis of the site by BuzzFeed News.

Amber’s sister, Kristina rose Rose, shared a video of her sister’s last moments on Friday.

Rose’s brother, Rosa Mexicana, shared an emotional video of Rose, who died last year, with a caption that read, “I am here with you tonight, because we are all here to help each other.

You are beautiful and strong and we are not alone.

Thank you.”

Rose’s father, Rosario Rose, posted an emotional message on Twitter: “Thank you, Amber Rose, for being my daughter and my sister.

I miss you so much.”

Amber and Rosario rose Rose shared a picture of them together on their Instagram page on Saturday, with Rosario writing, “Love to you forever, always, always.”

They also posted an image of their sister on their Facebook page.

“We all love you more than we love this world,” Rose wrote.

“And we will always love you.


We love you.”

The video of the sisters’ last moments has been shared more than 100,000, and Rosaria Rose has been receiving more than 60,000 likes and 1,000 shares, according, to BuzzFeed News analysis.

Amber Rose Rose, left, and her sister, Rosary Rose, have been raising money to support Kristina and their father.

The sisters were killed by a falling tree in May.

Rosario was killed in the fall.

Kristina, the younger sister, died in March of the disease known as COVID-19.

Rose was 21 years old.

Her brother, Carlos, was 27.

“Amber is the most beautiful person I have ever known,” Rose’s mother, Carmen Rose, wrote in a Facebook post on Friday, after her sister had passed.

“I’m proud of her for being who she was, and how beautiful she was.”

The sisters have become known for their emotional posts and messages on social networks.

Rosary rose rose rose shared a message to the world on Friday about Kristina.

“Please be gentle and kind to one another.

Please remember, she was always trying to help you,” Rosary wrote.

Rosaria rose rose wrote a message on Facebook to the Rose family, saying that she was grieving over her mother.

“Thank You for sharing this beautiful video of your mother, Amber,” Rosario wrote.

The Rose family has not responded to BuzzFeed’s request for comment.

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