Belaire rose gold nail polish in $3.8 million bid for the beauty brand Next Big Favour

Posted November 24, 2018 09:00:32Rose Gold nails are a trend that is spreading quickly in the beauty industry.

While some of the new nail polish is being marketed to younger consumers, the brand also is looking to expand into a younger demographic, as well as older customers.

Belaire is planning to expand its brand by introducing new shades, a new collection and launching a new line of products for older consumers.

Rose Gold is known for its nail polish and has recently introduced a new shade, Rose Gold.

The new shade has been dubbed “gold” by some, but Belaire CEO Michelle Rose said that the new shade was inspired by the color of gold, which she said is the color most associated with the rose gold family of rose gems.

Belaires new shade is named “Belaire” in homage to the family of the rose-gold-infused rose nail polish. , a beauty and fashion blog, has a great look at the new Rose Gold nail polish for women.

This nail polish features a gold shimmer, and the formula is very similar to the Rose Gold brand’s formula, which is a rich, rich golden hue. reports that the RoseGold is a great match for older women because the formula will be a bit thinner than the RoseGem formula. also reported that the brand is targeting younger women with its new RoseGold nail polish because older women tend to have thinner nails and tend to be more sensitive to colour.

The RoseGolds formula is also a little thicker, and RoseGold’s formula is a bit smoother. has a fantastic review of the Rosegold RoseGold nails, and says that they are a great option for women of all ages.

The review states that the formula on the rosegold nail polish will be thinner than that on the RoseRoseGems nail polish, but the formula won’t be as dense.

The brand also offers a gold shade for the rose rose-gem nail polish called “Rose Gold,” and it is the first time that Belaire has released a RoseGold-inspired nail polish that is also available in a gold hue. is the official blog of Rose Gold and its sister brand Rose Gold Nail Spa.

The site has a ton of information about RoseGold, including the Rose Rose-Gold nail polishes, and it has a video featuring Belaire President Michelle Rose talking about the brand and the new formula., which has a huge collection of rose gold and gold-infusing nail polish products, also has a lot of information on RoseGold and the brand.

They also have a tonne of RoseGold Nail Lacquer, which can be found in many of the same colors as the Rose gold nail polishing formula.

The nail lacquer has a gold sheen to it, which the brand claims is a tribute to the rose, and also has gold sparkles on the nail polish itself.

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