How a $40 Million Mystery Gift from Kathleen Rose Perkins could bring a new life to the Denton Valley of the United States

UPDATE: The mystery gift that Kathleen Rose Perks of the DFW-area beauty shop Drift Roses received is in fact the real deal.

Perkins, the co-owner of the popular Denton-area salon, is believed to be the widow of George Rose Perkins, the famed Houstonian who owned and operated the shop.

The salon was founded in 1909, and is still in business today.

Perks is said to be extremely close to the Perkins family, with many in the Houston area still paying tribute to her legacy.

Perk’s husband, George Perkins, was a member of the Texas Legislature for four decades, and his wife Kathleen was a founding member of Denton’s NAACP chapter.

Perks and George Perkins have been married for 55 years.

Perkinson’s mother, Dora, and other relatives also have long lived in Denton.

The Perkins gift is a direct homage to Perks, who died in 1994 at age 95.

Perkin opened the shop in 1909 at 919 Westheimer, but her son George Perkins started his own salon in 1915.

George Perkins founded the first Denton African American Community Club and the first African American newspaper in DFW, which would become known as the Dixie.

Perth Perkins died in the early 1960s, and her daughter, Kathleen, was the sole owner of the salon.

Perkins was known for her innovative hair and makeup products, and she was also known for helping launch the D.C.-based black fashion company, D’Antonio, in 1972.

Perley, whose name was not revealed, is known for giving away items to customers for free, including $100 gift cards to her Denton store.

Perk’s daughter, Darlene, also donated her father’s jewelry collection.

PerKS family said they had a surprise gift for the salon owner on Saturday.

Perkowski was known to have a private jet, which she used to fly in for a few days in January.

PerKs daughter, the owner of Drift Roses, received a surprise $40 million gift from Kathleen Perkins on Saturday, February 9, 2018.

The gift is valued at $40.9 million, according to the Daily News.DARES-FOX13/AP/Press PoolThe new salon is in Darkside, a neighborhood in Houston where Perks grew up.

The Darksider, which is named after Perks’ sister, was built in 1924, and the neighborhood is in the heart of the Perkins home.

The Darksiders daughter, who was born in Dallas but has lived in Houston since her mother’s death in 2012, is a beauty blogger, according her blog.

Perricks daughter, Kristi Perkins, has also become a blogger for her father, and has written about her father and the Darksides roots.

Perkowski, who grew up in the Dallas area, opened the DASH salon in 1909.DASH salon owner Kristi Perks said her father George Perkins used to bring his family to the salon on weekends to spend time with their grandchildren.

Kristi Perkins said her parents George and Darlie Perkins used the DALES area to travel to DFW to visit their grandkids.

Perkes daughter said she has not had a chance to see her father in over 50 years.

She said she is looking forward to being able to visit her father at the salon and see him in person.

Perkayls daughter said Perks was very passionate about giving back to her community, and was instrumental in helping launch DALENS, DFW’s African American Dressing and Beauty Center, in 1974.

PerKayls father, George Perks passed away in January of this year at the age of 96.

Perkels daughter, Kateri Perkins and her husband, John Perkins, said Perkins had a lot of influence on her father.

Perktys daughter said her dad was also a great philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to various charities and schools throughout the years.

Kristie Perkins said Perkes family was a very active family in the community.

Kristy Perkins said she also thinks that Perks gave her dad the gift he always wanted and was able to keep it secret.

Per Perkins said DALENTS is a place for young women to come and learn how to make their hair look better, while also having a fun time with each other.

Per Kates daughter said it’s a great thing for DALETS and DFW.

PerPerk family said Perks sister, Daren Perks had a hand in creating DALANS first DASH Salon.

Kristian Perkins said KristiPerkins sister had been instrumental in the creation of DALAS.

Per Kayls daughter is looking to open a salon in her hometown, which Perks family said would be an incredible tribute to Perkins.

Per son said KristiePerkins sisters