How to add a rose gold wallpaper to your Instagram cover

It’s no secret that Instagram has a penchant for using rose gold, so it only made sense to add one of the most popular, iconic shades to your cover.

You can choose from a variety of rose gold themes to decorate your Instagram account, but this one is definitely worth a try.

You’ll need to be creative with your selections, and you can always add a little sparkle to the look with a rose motif.

Demi rose, the rose gold of Instagram, was inspired by a photograph of Demi Rose, the actress and model who starred in the Disney Channel show Rose Gold.

You know, the one where she wears a pink dress and gold shoes with rose gold trim.

The rose gold style is popular with celebrities, but it can also be a bit difficult to find the right colour for your Instagram feed.

So, we went to Demi’s Instagram and asked her if she’d recommend some rose gold-themed Instagram covers.

Demi’s answer was definitely a hit.

We found a few on the likes of the model’s friends, and she said it was an easy way to get your Instagram wall covered in the colour.

If you’re not already familiar with the rose motif on Instagram, you might have heard of the term “Rose Gold”, or “Rose-Gold”.

In a nutshell, this colour is a natural, muted rose with a matte finish, which has been popularised by Instagram stars such as Demi and Aava Rose.

You might also know it as the “golden hue”, which is also a popular colour for Instagram covers, and is a slightly lighter shade of rose with more gold in it.

Here’s what Demi had to say about her favourite Instagram cover: “Demi Rose has always been a fan of this colour, and we think it’s an awesome addition to our Instagram wall.”


Rose-Gold on InstagramDemiRoseRoseGoldInstagramDemi had a couple of options when it came to choosing her favourite cover.

There were a few options that included a yellow background, a dark green background, and a black background, which were both pretty easy to create.

There was also a dark grey-coloured background, but Demi was still looking for something that would match her Instagram cover design.

“I’m really loving the dark grey.

I can see the contrast and contrast of the rose, but I also like the muted colour.”

She went with the darker grey-colour background for the cover because, as she says, “the colour really emphasises the rose’s softness, which I love.”

Demi is right.

DemiRoseGold instagramDemis RoseGoldInstirnthe cover looks great on Demi, and it really looks natural on her cover, too.

What you’ll needDemi bought a bunch of the covers for her Instagram account.

She says that the more the merrier, so if you’ve got a few of the same design, you’ll want to buy a bunch.

She’s used Instagram filters to make her Instagram images look like they’re from her Instagram.

Demigirl on InstagramThe cover is super simple to make.

DemistroRoseRose is the name of Demian Rose, Demi is Demi-Rose and Demi stands for “Rose”.

You can use any shade of grey, black or red for your cover, and DemianRose has included a couple options for your inspiration.

You can buy Demi rose as an “instant gift” or “instagram gift”, and it comes with a box of stickers.

You could also use the stickers to decorating your Instagram posts, so you can add a bit of colour to your post with your own signature.

For a bit more detail on how to decorates your Instagram, check out our tutorial on how you can use stickers on Instagram to create a beautiful cover.

Demistro Rose is available to purchase for $25 from Demistros.

RoseRoseRose RoseRoseRose

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