How to dress for the Summer: The Art of the Dress

There are two kinds of people in America: the ones who don’t know how to dress properly, and the ones that are ready to get into some hot water.

So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled some essential tips to make sure your summer looks great.


Don’t Overdo the Pants If you want to impress your girlfriend, she’ll want to see you in your pants.

And don’t forget to wear them when you get to the office.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you wear pants to work, but no pants when you’re home.


Don (Almost) Always Wear Your Underwear at Work As your boss is likely to notice, your undergarments are important to your appearance.

However, the American Academy in America recommends wearing your underwear, underpants, and a jacket or blazer when at work.


Choose A Longer Coat for Your First Day of Work There’s a misconception that shorter coats mean more protection.

In fact, according to the American College of Dermologists, a long coat can actually make your skin look even more fragile.


Keep Your Neck Hair Out of Your Face For best results, keep your hair out of your face during your shower.


Use A Cooler Water To Wash Your Body If you’re going to a party, bring a cooler water bottle to make your outfit cooler and prevent the body from cooling down.


Keep the Fleece Pants on Your Shoulder The best way to keep your pants from falling down during a party is to wear the pants down.


Get Out of the House While at Work If you have to be in the office, wear your jacket, tie, and pants as you normally would.

If you do want to be home with your girlfriend or girlfriend-to-be, wear the appropriate work attire.


Keep a Cooler Head at Work Even if you’re wearing a suit and tie, make sure you have a cooler head than your boss.


Use Your Body for More Than Just Work When you’re at work, you can’t leave your work clothes on the office floor.

To make sure everyone is treated well, wear clothes that aren’t working or wearing the wrong material when at the office or home.


Avoid Wearing Too Much of Your Hair If you work at a salon, make certain that your hair is always in place and covered.


Stay Hydrated When at Home Take advantage of a hot shower and a cold bath.

You don’t have to sweat to get the job done.


Avoid Excessive Heat If you feel uncomfortable wearing a hat and a coat, consider a hoodie or turtleneck instead.


Avoid Being Sneaker-Friendly When You’re at Home Keep your feet on the floor.

Make sure you’re not wearing heels or sandals.


Avoid Blocking the Door If you don’t want to spend time alone at your work desk, make your office a safe environment.


Wear the Appropriate Footwear During the Day Wear shoes that fit comfortably.

Wear socks that don’t touch your toes.


Wear a Cool Lifestyle When at the Office Wear a jacket that’s not too warm.

Wear glasses that aren) comfortable.


Keep your Hands Free and Avoid Being Scared of Being Stuck If you find yourself standing in a doorway or doorway to a room with other people, make yourself comfortable.


Wear Your Appropriate Accessories While at Home Wear gloves and a hat when working at a desk.


Avoid Sweating When Working Outside Make sure that you’re sweating while working outside.

If your hands sweat, the sweat will trap moisture in your skin.


Avoid Sitting on the Back of a Chair When at home, wear a chair that is not too close to the wall.


Avoid Spinning when You’re Working Outside When you are at home and you’re outside, do not spin.


Wear Appropriate Safety Gear When at Work Wear gloves that don.


Avoid Smoking When at work or at home Wear a face mask.


Avoid Using The Bathroom While You’re Working Outside If you are in the bathroom, wear only bathing suits or short-sleeved shirts.


Avoid Distracting Your Boss If you must work, make it a distraction.

For example, if you have an appointment, put on headphones while you’re working.


Wear Gloves in the Kitchen When at a Workout Keep your hands out of the bowl while you prepare food.


Wear Cooling Accessories When at Your Workout Wear sunglasses or long sleeves when you are working.


Wear Underwear When at School Wear shorts or sweatpants while you are studying.


Avoid Lifting Your Shoes When at your school, wear sneakers when you walk to class.


Wear Clothing that is Appropriate for Your Environment When you work outside, keep cool.

If it’s cold outside, use a

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