How to get the perfect rose gold earring from a Victoria’s Secret model

Posted March 15, 2019 09:10:32 A Victoria’s secret model’s rose gold wedding ring, once so expensive it cost a woman almost a year to make, is now selling for less than $200, thanks to the internet.

The $5,000 gold ear-ring, which has a glass lens and rose gold detailing, sold on the online marketplace for less $200 after the Victoria’s secrets brand posted a photo of the ring on Instagram with the caption: “The most expensive rose gold ring I ever made!”

The price tag for the item, which was designed by Victoria’ssecret model Sofia Rose, was posted on Instagram by the company on March 6.

Sofia Rose says she made a few thousand rings, including the one pictured above, in the past year and has made several more since.

She told the CBC she made her first one for $4,000 and then a few hundred more, but says she’s now spending less money.

“I’m making more because I’m not so focused on the ring.

I’m more focused on what I’m doing in life,” she said.”

It’s the same thing I do when I’m in a relationship, I don’t have a lot of time for that ring, but I do have a passion for it.”

I want to wear it every day.

It’s just the way I like it, she said of the silver-grey ring.

The company said Sofia’s rose ring was one of many designs it had recently released and it was selling for $2,300, but it wasn’t until a customer posted a picture of the gold ring on the Instagram account that the price went up to $200.

“You can always find a different ring for a higher price, but that’s just how I am.

I can’t justify spending money on something that’s not going to last, and it’s not something that will last,” Sofia said.

The ring has a large diamond and is a bit larger than the gold one she used for her wedding.

It has a slightly different design than the one Victoria’s had before, and Sofia says it looks different because of the glass lens.

“A lot of the time I wear it with my hair in a bun, because I have hair like this, and sometimes it doesn’t suit me.

I would like it to be in a different color and it could be in the shade of your hair,” she explained.

Victoria’s Secret, which sells about 10 million gold rings a year, says it wants to continue offering its brands to more women in order to make them more appealing to women around the world.

“The way that women are spending their time online is changing the way that people can experience luxury goods and services and also their experiences with the products they are wearing,” a spokesperson said.

Sofias Secret is offering the gold wedding earring in two different colours, rose and white.

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