Roses bloom in front of the U.S. Capitol

On a frigid evening in January, the National Mall was filled with people on horseback, horses, camels, zebras and zebrasses, each accompanied by an ode to one of the world’s most beloved plants.

In the front rows of the Capitol, the annual Rose Festival was taking place.

The first year was so popular, the festival organizers had to relocate from the White House, but organizers say they’re looking forward to the second year.

On Jan. 26, the Washington Monument will be decorated in a rose garden, complete with roses.

Rose-filled balloons are being tossed in the air.

In the heart of the historic building, the Capitol grounds will be filled with the flowers of roses, and the National Park Service will create a Rose Garden with a Rose Statue in the center.

As the first day of the annual festival draws to a close, Rose lovers across the country are sharing their best photos and videos of the festivities.

Here are the best photos from the Rose Festival in Washington.

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