Rose’s menu: Salice Rose Nude, Roses, Guns, and More

Rose’s Menu, a newly opened restaurant on the corner of East Third and East Seventh avenues, is serving up a variety of food, drinks, and drinks-inspired cocktails.

Rose’s newest addition is a drink called “Gunz N Roses.”

The drink is a “gun shot glass” made with rose petals and a rose petal rim.

It’s the first drink to feature rose petallons and a gun shot glass, which you can check out on Rose’s Facebook page.

The Rose’s owner, Salice Rizzo, said she decided to make the drink after she noticed people eating outside her restaurant while drinking their margaritas.

She added that she and her husband decided to create the drink “in order to be able to take a bit of a break from it all.”

The Rose, which is located at East Third Street and E Seventh Avenue, was created with the help of chef David “Duck” Williams.

Rose said he created the drink for Rose’s customers who had come in from the restaurant’s patio to drink and eat, and he is proud to be a part of the restaurant.

The cocktails have a light, crisp, floral flavor, with rose buds and rose petales.

Rose also made the drinks with a mix of bourbon, rum, and whiskey, which all taste great.

The cocktails are served in glass and on the rocks, and you can also order one of the Rose’s signature cocktails, the Gunz N Rose.

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