The Latest: ‘Rose Garden’ stars ‘Rose Gold Hair’ star Rose Gold to be the first Rose to star in a movie


— The stars of the hit television series Rose Garden have announced plans to collaborate on a movie based on a comic book.

Rose Gold, who was born in Los Angeles and has starred on the series, said she would be producing the movie with the stars of “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “Gumball 3000.”

She said the movie would be about her time growing up in the fictional Rose Garden in the 1970s.

“This is a real story about Rose, and it’s going to be a story about her love for gumball,” Rose Gold said.

“She grew up in a world that’s very special to her, a world where she could go to her own gumball table, and her favorite characters would be Rose and her sister, Rose Gold.

I think people will really like the movie.”

Rose Gold said she was in negotiations with Lionsgate for a major studio release for the movie.

She is one of the first stars to star on a film in a comicbook series, and has been a fan favorite for her work in the series.

Rose’s new movie is a collaboration with Lions Gate Studios, who have also produced films for Warner Bros. and Lionsgate.

Rose said she is excited to join the movie production, but not thrilled about it yet.

“I’m not in a rush, but I’m not ready to be anything other than a great collaborator, and I’m just excited to be part of it,” Rose said.

The movie will be shot in Los Angles and San Diego, and will star Rose and co-star Nicki Minaj.

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