The rise of the rising titanic

The titanic is back, and it’s not quite as exciting as the titanic before.

The titans have come back, with a vengeance, and they’ve made it to the top of the rankings.

The first-placed team from last season is a bit different to last season, but the same team of three is there.

They’re a lot of fun to watch, too.

A week after the first week of the competition, the top four teams are back in action.

The teams are ranked based on points gained, but also how they’ve played, as well as how well they’ve prepared for the competition.

The two teams who finished first last year and have been promoted this year have been able to win games, and have done so with ease.

One of the key factors in the standings, though, is how they have responded to adversity.

In 2016, the teams that had the best results at the start of the season were the top-ranked teams, and that’s what they are again this year.

The other factors that helped the teams to move up in the rankings are the performance of their veterans, as shown by the teams who are playing their second- and third-year veterans.

The veterans have been more successful than the players who were rookies last year, but they’re still playing well.

It’s not a matter of if, but when, the veterans are going to get their chance to win the championship.

There is a clear consensus that there’s going to be a new challenge at the top, but that the first challenge will be tougher than last season’s.

The most experienced teams are likely to be the ones to make the most of it, but a lot can still change in two weeks time.

The season will end on the last day of the week, with the final two games being played on Saturday and Sunday.

The final game of the series will be played on Tuesday, with finals expected on Thursday.

There are a lot more teams in this year’s championship series than there were last year.

But there is one team that’s going nowhere.

The New Zealanders are the highest-ranked team in the competition this year, and will be looking to defend their crown against the world champions, Australia.

It will be a big test for the teams in the top eight, but it’s also an opportunity for the younger ones to get a taste of the big-stage game.

It might not be as exciting or as fun as the first few weeks, but if the young guns can get through it, it might just be a game that they will remember for a long time.

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