What we learned at Apple’s keynote: Apple’s first iOS 8 beta preview

We got a sneak peek at what’s coming in the first iOS 9 beta of iOS 8 and we learned a ton about how iOS 9 will work.

If you want to see how the new iOS 8 features work and what’s new in the app, check out our hands-on preview of iOS 9.

Apple has released an early beta of its upcoming iOS 8.1 update, iOS 8-specific code-named Ruby Rose.

In addition to a number of new features, iOS 9’s Ruby Rose includes a new “Sprint app,” a new photo viewer, a new text viewer, and a redesigned notification shade.

We’ve also got a new iOS 9 developer preview code name: iOS 9-A.

We’ve also seen new screenshots and videos from the iOS 9 iOS 8 developer preview.

It’s unclear whether the new Ruby Rose code name is related to the Ruby-based iOS 8 apps we saw in the developer preview last week.

We’ll have to wait until iOS 9 officially launches to get a clearer idea.

Apple’s iOS 9 Developer Preview Code Name: iOS9-A

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