Which NFL Players Are Really ‘Scarlet Rose’?

BRIAR ROSE, BRITISH SUPERSTAR (AKA BRITANNIA BELLINGHAM): It was the day after Christmas and I was having a birthday party in London and I met a young woman and I just fell in love with her.

I thought she was just amazing and so I got her a job, went on a trip, went back to Scotland, bought her a house and then I moved in with her for three years.

And then I started dating her.

She was a great wife and we had a lovely relationship for seven years.

MARIANNE WALLACE: [on being cast as Scarlet Rose] I was nervous.

I didn’t want to be too serious about it, but I did feel like I was going to die and I couldn’t think straight.

I was like, “I know I’m going to be the last one to say this, but we’re going to have to be on the right side of history.

We’ve got to be Scarlet Rose.”

It was one of those things that you just knew it was going.

It was a huge emotional rollercoaster.

And I’m like, [tears welling up], “We’ve got this.

We have this.”

I’m in the hospital and I’m crying, and it’s just like, there’s no other word for it.

I just couldn’t imagine what she was going through.

And my mother, who is a big-time actress and was a very strong supporter of my career, said, “You know what, we’ve got the best job in the world, you know what?

You’re going on a mission.”

I had no idea what it was.

I had to learn about it and go on.

And in the end, I had a job.

MARANNE WALSH: [voiceover] For a lot of women, the first time they heard the word Scarlet Rose was in her early twenties.

For some, it’s been a lifelong journey.

In this special feature, we explore the history of Scarlet Rose and what she means to Americana.

But first, a look back at some of her most famous moments, from her time on “Star Trek” to her role in the 2014 film “The Scarlet Letter.”

(Video by Jennifer Bellingham.)

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