David Abbott: We need to get back to what we did in the election campaign

Prime Minister David Abbott has slammed the Labor Party’s handling of the election results and has urged a fresh look at how they were conducted.

Mr Abbott was asked about the ALP’s election night defeat in the Victorian seat of Amber Rose, and whether the party should have waited for the result to be announced.

He said the Labor leadership was responsible for the election, which led to Mr Abbott being re-elected in October.

“I think the Labor party is the only one that really understood that this election was going to be very different to the last one, and the Labor people really understood it,” Mr Abbott said.

“They knew it would be very difficult to govern this country in a very short period of time.”

And I think it is important for the Labor leader to take responsibility for that, for his failure to do so and to apologise for that failure.

“Mr Abbott also said the government should take a more active role in the environment.”

The Liberal party’s response to this crisis has been to try to blame the Greens and all those environmental organisations, and I think the Greens have had a very disappointing election,” he said.